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ANTONIO MELENDEZ & ASSOCIATES, PSC is a multidisciplinary land surveying office in Puerto Rico with vast experience in all types of land surveying projects. A high technology equipped firm,  with a full time dedicated land surveying staff, including Land Surveyors licensed in Puerto Rico, Land Surveyors in Training, a Civil Engineer and Surveying Technicians, we run seamless coordination and fully integration between our field and office personnel, all of it directed by our Senior Land Surveyor from our headquarters in Bayamon, Puerto Rico.  AMA has positioned itself as one of the leading land survey offices in Puerto Rico. Decades of experience has taught us the careful use of the right land surveying and geomatic equipments, methodology and personnel in order to obtain the most precise and accurate results.

  A  strong reputation of delivering high quality and  detailed                        survey work within tight schedules.   


Highly  challenged infrastructure land surveys have been a tradition in our firm, including the deliveries of  over 500 kilometers of survey studies intended exclusively to transportation (DOT). By doing so, we have proudly contributed to the infrastructure development of the island in the last past decades. Our leadership, expertise, and the commitment and dedication of our trained personnel, including licensed and IT's Land Surveyors allows us to have the necessary tools to provide our steady base clients, as well as our increasingly new clientele a full turnkey Survey and GIS solution that fully complies with their  expectations.


Our firm successfully and continually performs survey work for  local and federal government  agencies involved in infrastructure, as well as local and US based design firms.


We are a 100% minority owned firm, DBE Certified in accordance with the 49 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations), Part 26 (100% Small Business), a APPE (P3) Authority Qualified Firm, a qualified consultant in the Consultant Registry of the PR Highway and Transportation Authority, a Qualified Firm in the PR Department of Housing and registered in the Local Registry of Commercial Firms Authorized to perform work in Puerto Rico.


Be the safest, most customer-focused survey firm that provides tradition of excellence by upholding top quality and ethical standards.


AMA provides unique and innovative high quality land survey services in Puerto Rico, while offering our clients the personal attention they deserve.


Surveyor Antonio E. Melendez first began his Professional Survey Career in 1970, when together with 2 other young friends with Land Surveying and Engineering degrees, began providing small land surveys and housing development engineering site design.

An unprecedented growth on the island's economy and housing construction development during the 1980's moved Mr. Melendez  to direct his efforts into the engineering design field. By the early 1990's, Mr. Melendez was fully dedicated to Housing Site Design projects, and continued his successful career, designing many of the most awarded housing developments of that time, and all disciplines of site design for over 3,000 high-end residential houses. Mr. Melendez  retired in the year 2015. 

In the early 1990's, his then young son, Antonio Melendez, also a Land Surveyor began providing Land Surveying office processing services for Land Surveyors and Engineering firms. By the mid 1990's, Melendez Jr. jumped at the opportunity of the massive amount of infrastructure work available on the island and directed all of his efforts into providing both, office and field survey services, and became exclusively a Land Surveying service provider. By the early 2000's, Mr. Melendez JR. heavily invested in personnel, training  and equipment, acquiring  the latest technology land surveying equipment available at that time. This gave him the opportunity to offer a larger array of new and specialized land survey services. The latest technology, in addition to our manpower helped in drastically shortening our delivery times, which was a key factor  in his growth development. Due to the large success found, Mr. Melendez had the need to create a better operational structure, and in the year 2005 created  Antonio Melendez & Asociados, a Professional Service Corporation.


Fast forwarding to today, our firm has grown to become a leading survey office in Puerto Rico,  with an impeccable reputation of offering all types of land surveying services,  including (but not limited to) boundary and topography surveys, large and complex ALTA surveys for high end Real Estate properties  including Shopping Centers, surveys for Hydraulic studies, hydrographics, precise control establishment, geographic information systems, natural gas pipeline studies, sanitary and storm sewer surveys, electric line surveys,  all types of as built surveys, transportation and route surveys, and many others more specialized surveys like deformation and crustal movement monitoring, establishment of High Ordinance Water Marks, surveys of historic sites, surveys of caves, ground truthing surveys for Lidar, conic obstruction surveys and AGIS-FAA compliance surveys for airports, among many others.  We have "in house" Drone (UAV) with RTK Technology,  and  3D Laser Scanning capabilities.

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