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Aeronautical & Airports Surveys (AGIS-FAA Compliance)

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has begun a groundbreaking initiative to streamline the airport survey process and centralize airport data storage into one integrated web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) appropriately called “Airports-GIS (AGIS).”The AGIS program defines the FAA process for the collection and maintenance of airport and aeronautical data. They established these new processes to meet the demands of the next generation National Airspace System (NAS) which requires accurate survey data. We are familiar with airport regulations within movement areas (runways and taxiways) and have previous experience in performing all types of surveys in airport premises, including surveys for re-grading of pavements.


An ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey is a survey that must adhere to a set of national standards put forth by the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping and adopted by the American Land Title Association. It is known as the most restrictive type of survey which require extensive research and rigorous and detailed field and office procedures. Our ALTA/ACSM survey experience began in the early 1990's with the incursion of large Retail Shopping Centers and Anchor Stores across the Island. Our firm has provided over 60 ALTA/ACSM Surveys, including surveys for Federal Government Agencies and Retail Shopping Centers.

Boundary Survey

Boundary Maps are surveys which clearly show the boundaries (limits) of a given tract of land. The survey data on said map should provide enough information to a professional in order for them to properly trace the boundary lines out on the site. These maps usually involve the measuring of existing fences, property points, research of previous maps, research of registry information, research of government plans, and meetings with owners and neighbors in order to obtain enough information for the evaluation and final establishment of the Boundary Lines. Our firm has provided services of Boundary Surveys which go from small 350 square meter lots all the way up to a tracts of land with areas over 1,600 Acres.

Horizontal & Vertical Control, Aerial & Lidar Validation

We began tying to Geodetic Control Networks back in 1970 with the use of our still functional Wild T2, our Wild NA2 and our Geodimeter Tellurometer. In the 1990's we began using GPS Single Frequency receivers for horizontal ties. Fast forward to today,  we carry 8 GPS Dual Frequency Receivers which are often used to establish complex and dense control networks. We have over 22 years of GPS surveying experience, including Mission Planning, vector analysis, vector processing, loop closures, minimal constrained adjustments for analysis and  fully constrained adjustments. We also carry Geodetic grade levels capable of providing First and Second order vertical control. For fast and less constrained results, we are tied to a local VRS network with stations validated by the NGS. We also provide a more restrictive Lidar Control including the location, determination and acquisition of Check Points, all within the compliance of closures and field procedures required for Lidar surveys.

Geographic Information Systems

The necessity of a Geographic Information System in Puerto Rico plays an important role in the decision making in today’s high stake projects. Our effort has helped us stay ahead on today’s changing world.We have developed many Geographical Information Systems for utility, trees and land use inventories. We also have “in house” capabilities to geo-reference and ortho-rectify imagery. We can provide our clients with a full turnkey Survey and GIS system. Among our staff we have a surveyor certified as a GIS specialist.

HH Surveys

The survey of any body of still or running water such as a lake, harbor, stream, river and creeks are often needed for design and construction of anything that might be affected by the sea tides and by hydraulic flows. Bridges and roadways are designed above flood elevations which are determined based on HH Surveys, which typically involves the establishment of vertical datums, the survey of cross sections and profiles which are used for water volume computations and details of existing bridges and structures, which are all used to control the computer hydraulic models (Ex. Hec-Ras). HH Surveys are also often used for scouring evaluations, and often helps in determining several ordinance boundary lines. Our firm has vast experience on these types of surveys, having prepared over 400 HH studies.

Hydrographic Surveys

Our firm has gathered vast experience in providing these type of surveys. We have a fully functional hydrographic division, including 2 small vessels and a Tiara 38 foot boat rigged with a digital phasometer. All stationed in Puerto Rico, and ready to be deployed anywhere in the Caribbean.  We carry a Bathy 500 Multy Frequency Phasometer which interfaces with our Leica 530 GPS-RTK receivers and our Trimble R6 receivers, as well as our Trimble Pathfinder Pro-XL. Our Tiara boat is capable of lodging a full hydrographic crew and is equipped with Chart Plotter GPS and Loran Radar for navigation. We also carry a  Hydrobox Single Frequency Echo Sounder which we run with Hypack on a Panasonic Toughbook computer.

Jurisdictional Surveys (USCOE Compliance)

JD Studies are often prepared by Enviromental Engineers and require mapping for the submittal and eventual approval of the boundaries being established. Wetlands and mangrove areas are often defined, surveyed and submitted to the USACOE for their evaluation and approval.

Maritime Zone & River Delineation (DNR Compliance)

Maritime and River Zone delineations have specific requirements set by the Local Department of Natural Resources, based on local laws and regulations. The experience in determining any River or Sea Zone is very important, since several factors are evaluated, some of them somewhat discretional. Of most importance in the knowledge of all local requirements and procedures, which helps expedite the final approval within reasonable time frames.

Off Site Surveys

Off site surveys are often required by Infrastructure Government Agencies and by Private Sector developers. We have vast experience is in off site surveys for sanitary, storm sewer, water main and electric mainlines. Our firm was responsible for the survey of the Gasoducto del Sur project, a  91 kilometer off site and route survey for a Natural Gas Pipeline.

Right Of Way Mapping

 The establishment of all types of easements, determining areas for Land Acquisition, and the establishment of boundary lines based on surveyed evidence and inscription data and plans are an integral part of any infrastructure development. Among our Right of Way projects, we prepared Easement Right of Way plans for a gas line in the southern part of the island. Said project involved crossings and land acquisitions of over 100 parcels of land.

Subdivision Surveys

Subdivision surveys, in which a property is divided into two or more separate parcels are often required by our clients. Requirements set by local agencies that provide permits for  subdivisions and segregations have been updated several times during the last decade or so, requiring that Boundary Maps to be used for segregations be more complete, and show to more extent the available infrastructure. Please feel free to browse thru our surveys in our PROJECTS section.


Back in the early 90's, SUE services were introduced in Puerto Rico for the first time. Our firm was involved in the coordination and the color coded SUE survey for the Baldorioty de Castro conversion to Expressway and the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge over the San Jose Lagoon project. Since then, SUE surveys have become common in transportation and other types of infrastructure projects. AMA has extensive experience in the survey and coordination of complex SUE lines.

Tidal Surveys

AMA regularly ties to several types of vertical datums, and often determines the vertical datum in the field. Most of our coastal Hydrographic surveys require ties to MLW and MLLW.We have established lines in MHHW for them to be used by designers in cases when the USCOE has required that drainage discharges be located higher than the water line. Transformations between PRVD02 and older PR Local Datum (MSL) are also often required.

Topographic Surveys

A very common service required by our clients, a Topographic Plan shows the relief features of the earth's surface, by means of elevations surveyed at the correct break locations, and contour lines which are created by mathematical interpolations  between the elevation points. On these type of surveys, all visible improvements and infrastructure are also surveyed.  Similar to the Boundary Survey service, our firm has experience in the topographic surveys of small lots, all the way up to tracks of land with areas over 1,600 acres.

Transportation Surveys (Route, As Built & Mass Transportation)

All types of transportation projects have been a tradition in our firm. Over the years, we have successfully delivered over 500 kilometers of surveys intended strictly to Transportation. These projects have broaden our survey experience since they typically require precise horizontal control, differential leveling networks, HH Surveys, topographic and as built surveys, ROW Mapping, SUE utility surveys, and many other disciplines. Among our most challenging Transportation surveys, we have successfully delivered a 45 kilometer survey for the proposed PR-22 from Hatillo to Aguadilla, and a 78 kilometer Survey for the Feasibility Study of a Mass Train system from Bayamon to Hatillo.

Tree Surveys

Many of our Topographic and As Built surveys require the location and tabulation of trees within our surveys. Our firm has been providing Tree Surveys for decades. Tree Surveys often includes a Tree Id Number, coordinates, diameter and tree names. When requested, we can also provide the height of the tree and the width of the foliage. We have the knowledge and comply with DNR "Reglamento 25", which currently governs the Tree usage for Land Development.

UAV Surveys (Drone)

We have the capability and the "know how" in providing the highest quality aerial ortho-rectified imagery and photogrametry, in addition to precise planimetrics. We carry a 3d Robotics X8+ Drone with Gyroscope and on board RTK. This service is up and running and currently available to our clients.

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